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i've been friends with a man for about ten years. JUST FRIENDS. though he has expressed being in love with me and wanting to be with me I thought he got over those feelings within the last few years. I'm not so sure he is over me as people in our circle have told me that they observe he's still slithering around me. (also he has been an adult for our entire friendship) I have been legal for 6 years of the friendship. He is a professional in education and married to a two time ivy league graduate but has various side girlfriends who are my age and none of whom I am particularly interested to meet because they come and go. his latest girlfriend of several months caught us having a little spat and misinterpreted it as a bigger deal than it was and from what she said obviously not knowing who her boyfriend is jumped to defend him. I was really p.o-ed because though I treat her with respect as a girlfriend. she just doesn't know who the fuck she's dealing with in him. She's clearly uncomfortable being in his harem but is taking it out on me because he and I have a long term rapport. even his wife knows i would never ever ever be more than a friend to this man but this little girlfriend keeps trying to assert herself around me when she really doesn't have to. I did a great job keeping my mouth closed today and not becoming the vicious maniacal taurus woman I become when someone raises a red flag. but like ppl need to know their place. I've seen other girls come and go and I will still be here as a friend when she eventually goes. i just say all this to say he is wrong for having all of his women confused and in close proximity \but also she needs to learn that you don't just date an individual, you are entering a courtship with their lifestyle and their existing friendships. Even he apologized on her behalf to me because you can't just come in as the newbie and tell ppl where to shove it. She has no power here. sorry for her, but bitch you signed up to be with a married man. if the "has a wife" part didn't scare you off, don't get all threatened by an innocent friend.

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  • your "friend" sounds like a real winner (sarcasm)

  • I think you forget YOUR PLACE. You say you are just a friend, but if that were true ... you would not be in this position.

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