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I was talking to two women. Both very nice, both became good friends, and both had a crush on me. They both seemed nice, but I didn't trust either of them. I'm honestly a paranoid kind of guy. I felt someone was telling me what I wanted to hear to win me over. Until one of them told me she was raped. She cried and confessed that she was molested as a child and she felt I deserved to know if I should date her. I picked her. We fell in love, and are now married. Why? If she can be honest with something like that I thought surely I can trust her. Indeed I could. She has been faithful to me and loved me and made my life perfect. I wish it never happened to her, but her honesty is why I decided to court her. The other chick is a barhopping single mom now BTW. I don't regret my choice for a second. I consider my wife a virgin, because I'm the only man she ever CHOSE to be with. That is a great honor. What I'm trying to say is Don't be afraid to tell someone you love what happened. Imagine how much easier to have someone who loves you help you through. It wasn't your fault. Rape is by definition not consent. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

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  • yeah it works all the time makes me look vulnerable and that need to be protected. the perfect way to retain a guy

  • So now you commenters think hes a saint for marrying a rape victim? Seriously, if you just read the confession more carefully, youll see the concealed sexism.

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