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I'm harassed because I rather be in a gym boxing than out on a field for cheer practice. I prefer punching things. I used to be depressed and suicidal, I still am sometimes but I'm more aggressive now and easily angered. I always want to hit something or somebody. I am always angry now. I get suspended a lot for fighting. I am 6 days away from being expelled. I used to be the girl that would never raise her hand to anyone in a bad way and now it seems like its all I do. I was an honor role student once and now I'm questioning if I'll pass on to Senior year. So much has changed and I'm not sure I want to go back. My bullies leave me alone most of the time now. Finals are coming up and I'm even more stressed and angry.

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  • meditation is good, keeps all the bullshit out and the good in. started really busting punching bags when I learned to channel the rage/hate/craziness. keep calm, if people talk shit, tell them to talk shit with the hands and in the ring. your fists are weapons, only use them when you really need to, otherwise keep shit in the ring. keep your head up in school but chin down in the ring. most of all. keep a calm mind. it will take time and patience but it's worth it.

  • no it's not gay, it's he truth and there's nothing wrong with the truth

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