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got off work early today paid cash for an hourly motel and met with a man i was with last week. my wife is at work and he was pounding me so hard the mattress slid off the bed. may sound crazy to some but been trying to find a regular guy to have sex with and develop a good sexual relationship with a man to put on a good show for my wife. the guy i just seen he is married also his wife does not know he is bi but hoping to meet up with him again. he definatly loves anal sex. turned in my key and the owner said sounded like i was having a good time as he cleaned the room next to me😊 my wife knows i have been looking but does not know i have met a few. very sore right now and its a turn on because it means i got fucked good😆

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  • not sure if its guilt but after sex with that guy come home took a shower and spent most of today nude looking on craigslist. i have a few mens phone numbers but i think i have found a woman to be with my wife. going to let her be with her alone😊

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