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My roommates are out of town and I was looking forward to some time with the apartment to myself but then he asks if its okay for his family to spend a few days there as they're having "problems with their house". turns out they don't have a place to live and it takes longer than a couple of days to find a new house! So I say sure since I thought it would just be his parents. But no. Its his parents and three brothers(who are all over 18). Its a two bedroom apartment and they all sleep in the same room, they don't talk to me at all, they're messy, they stink like b.o. and now so does my whole apartment. I dont think ive ever seen his brothers change outfits in a week. They also brought all of their food so now there's no room in the fridge for my own groceries-I've been living off subway since they got there. And its been a week! far more than a couple of days! I need help! I cant be at home anymore-they have to go....i can't stand being at home. how can I politely ask them to leave??

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  • you should make noisy parties in your house.. until they get fucking annoyed and leave!

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