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Is it true that the western people allow a male to have 1or more female stranger roommates? I was amazed at this fact when my friend who's in the US told me that he has 2 female roommates. I mean I ain't jealous or anything but I was amazed. As an Indian dude, I have seen that Indian people doesn't allow it morally. It doesn't mean that I don't allow it. I won't touch a girl, unless I fall in love with her or she allows my consent. I visited the US once. I really admire your people's culture and their lifestyle. I also admire the respect you give to women. You guys just walk around freely. Indians mostly depict you all as a spoiled culture. I don't think so. I just wish these rapists in India should have been killed instantly for disrespecting the whole female gender. But sadly these mofos just bail out with the power of money. And also I am moving to this great country, USA in a few days. Will get my green card in 2-3 days :)

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  • It is rare but it happens. My friend moved in with his friend and that friends wife. A girl wanted to move in with me who I was NOT dating or going to have sex with. I declined.

  • If you think that the American culture is great, you've never been to Europe ;)

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