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When I was 12, I got caught up in a horrible situation. A 50 some year old man posed to be a boy my age over the internet. I was lonely and I wanted a friend and he would tell me how pretty I was. After begging me for weeks to send nudes and not knowing what to do, I sent them. The FBI got involved and tracked him down. He had hundreds of nudes and sexual pictures of kids, even infants. They also suspected him of sharing the pictures with other pervs like him. He was only 2 hours away from me and knew where I lived. Its been 5 years now and I still hate myself for it, even though I helped take him down.

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  • Don't hate yourself for that. Hate him, forgive him and then let it all go. You've experienced something horrible, don't make it even harder for yourself. See, many others "fell for it" to, it's not your fault. If you can't leave it behind and it bothers you, seek help. All the best to you.

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