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I have feelings for my best friend and I want to tell him about it but I don't know how and I am afraid of his rejection and maybe our friendship relationship might change and I don't want that to happen, I want to stay up like we are right now. In our batch, there were like 2 close friends who is mostly the crush of my classmates. One day, he was ask by his bestfriend(boy) of who of the 2 will he choose if they have both feelings for him and if he got a chance to choose. And then one day also, the other girl get a chance to talk with him and talk about crushes and she said that she had a crush on him so he just then admitted to the girl that he had a crush on her too because she admitted first before the other girl could. So they're like in mutual understanding now and texting. I like to be the who's texting him too but maybe this is how things should be. I mean, it's better if he doesn't know as long as he's happy with her, I'm happy.

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  • well you can still have a chance.. show him your boobs.. before the other girl does.

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