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as a person with depression, ocd and social anxiety, i ate people pointing out it. they dont even think about it but please just never say things like ''why do you look so nervous?'' ''god you are so weird, such a control freak. just stop doing it, stop stressing out'' are you mad at me? why do you look so mad all the time'' ''you smiled 5 minutes ago, you arent depressed. you just seek attention.'' ''just smile its really easy, wow thats the fakest smile ive ever seen.'' ''why are you always shaking your leg, its stressing me out'' *cancel our plans 8th time in the row* ''i promise, the next time we'll hang out.'' Pointing out stuff like that, easily sets people like me in to a panic attack, which is embarrassing enough when you DO NOT wish attention at all. everyone stares at you when you are lying in a ball on the floor hyperventilating and crying, because someone confirms your fear.

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  • Most of the people, I guess, don't know about your mental illnesses. You can't really blame them when they ask if you can stop shaking your leg.

  • have you tried changing your selfpity atittude.. no one gives a damn. then you will overcome your anxiety depression etc..

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