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Yesterday, I was running late and didn't have time to use the bathroom. I put on some pink panties and a blue skirt and went to school after drinking 3 cups of coffee. I showed up to school and none of my teachers would let me go to the bathroom. We only had 2 minutes between each class because It was only a half day. Anyway i finally got to my last class of the day. The teacher wouldn't let me go. I was squirming so hard. Finally three minutes before the last bell ring I gave up and exploded. I totally peed my panties. There was a huge puddle at my feet and the peeing lasted about three minutes until the bell rung. I was crying so hard. I am so humiliated now. What should I do. Everyone is going to make fun of me. I feel so embarrassed.

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  • totally admit it and laugh it off, it will blow over. people respect you more if you keep your head up

  • You should of just walked out and went to the bathroom. But the next day of school just walk in like you have 2 men walking behind you. And keep your head up. People are always going to talk but don't let it get to you. My friend had her fist period in the cafeteria at my school, and the next day people talked but she kept her head up and just didn't care what people think. You got this!!

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