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Yesterday, I was running late and didn't have time to use the bathroom. I put on some pink panties and a blue skirt and went to school after drinking 3 cups of coffee. I showed up to school and none of my teachers would let me go to the bathroom. We only had 2 minutes between each class because It was only a half day. Anyway i finally got to my last class of the day. The teacher wouldn't let me go. I was squirming so hard. Finally three minutes before the last bell ring I gave up and exploded. I totally peed my panties. There was a huge puddle at my feet and the peeing lasted about three minutes until the bell rung. I was crying so hard. I am so humiliated now. What should I do. Everyone is going to make fun of me. I feel so embarrassed.

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  • why drink three cups of coffee and not use the bathroom?? don't drink so much coffee!!

  • if it makes you feel any better I used to vomit in front of my whole class because of food poisoning, yeah obviously classmates make fun of me for about1- 2 weeks but it all gets sweeped under the rug and only used once in a while .

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