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i really, really like this guy i'm dating but he's kinda short and skinny and it really bugs me. we had our first date last night and i really love his eyes, eloquence and maturity but i just cant get past the physical appearance because i'm more on the big side. during the whole date, it bothered me that he looked so small beside me but once i got home i cant stop thinking about him. i'm so confused it sucks.

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  • Him being on your mind is something that cannot be overlooked or forced even if your physical attractness to him is low. Your brain is trying to overlook over the problem but your personality can't help it.

  • I'm having similar problems but it is more over age. I was the person who said I'd never date anyone younger than me and now that I know the guy I like is younger than me it's put a weird block in my mind. I think eventually you'll figure out some stuff about yourself during this time at least. keep an open mind and see if those physical things are just small hang ups that you can get over or if you need to figure out why you have strong feelings like that about appearances

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