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Alright, I have a question (warning, long post): I was dating a guy in high school, and we were together for almost two years. We got along very well, but somewhere along the road I realized it was more of a companionship than a romantic relationship. I expressed my concerns to him, he agreed. I also told him, come graduation, that staying together would be impossible. We were going to two different colleges, him studying in a coed dorm at one of America's biggest party schools, and I at a business school for working adults. He agreed there, and the conversation was over. Time passed, we graduated high school, and I brought up we had spoken about in the past. He wanted to stay together for the summer, before college started in the fall, and I reluctantly agreed. He was extremely clingy and overprotective all summer, so I began to ignore him. I began talking to an old friend of mine, and explained the situation. The friend told me he would love to take me to a movie once the matters were settled. I finally managed to end the relationship with the clingy guy, and within a month that old friend addled me out. We hit it off immediately, and this guy became my first real love. I later learned my ex went crazy, and stalked me during our relationship and after. He begged me to give him another chance, and though I refused SEVERAL times he would not stop showing up at my home and harassing me to date him. A couple of my friends thought I was cheating on him with this other guy during that last summer. I, however, disagree. I saw that summer as a sort of way to "finalize the divorce". I'm here to ask opinions, was it really that wrong for me to speak to an old friend whilst attempting to end a two year companionship?

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  • He wants you back and will desperately try anything to get that, including guilt tripping you into staying. You need to tell him you are breaking off all communication and then ignore anything he says. Call the police if he shows up at your house and won't leave.

  • No way. You made your feelings and your intentions clear. It's his problem if he didn't want to get the message.

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