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When I was 15, a senior girl locked me in a room together with her. she told me to sit down or she'll call my teacher.She told me not to worry and then she removed my pants. tbh i rly dont know what to do. i was only 15 and still a virgin. I heard all rhe stories from my friends abt sex and all but this came no close to their stories.. so , she pulled down my pants and and started fondling with my penis which was weird bcos it started elevating which was also known as an erection. i masturbated a few times but never had a girl to masturbate for me. it was awesome. then she spread peanut butter on my penis and started licking a heck ton of it. At the end of it, we came out of the room with the peanut butter jar empty and it was evening. She ended that session with a playful bite on my penis.(it started around 12pm) I missed a few lessons but it was worth it. Until now, I've been screwing her.

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  • 🎵 it's peanut butter jelly time 🎵

  • how old are you now?

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