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Wight Loss has ruined my life! I'm almost 40 and was having some health problems, so changed my lifestyle a little bit and lost over 100 lbs. All diet and exercise. I did not feel much better, but I was proud of myself for trying. Then everything went wrong! All of a sudden my boss says that I am not 'dressing appropriately' for work. I have worn slacks and a sports jacket with practical shoes for almost 20 years. Now, she wants me in a skirt and heels. I have to attract and not repel. her words. WTF? My husband breaks down and cries asking me who I am seeing behind his back to be dressing that way. My daughter is not talking to me since I accidentally pulled a pair of her jeans out of the dryer thinking they were mine ... and wondered why they did not fit me right. Apparently having your fat mom ask why your pants are baggy on her is the end of the world for a teen. My son is even worse. he was stealing my underwear to bribe his friends. I try to take comfort from my friends, but they say I am 'no fun' anymore and none will even spend time with me. Apparently not finishing off the last slice of pizza or power watching the latest tv show is a game changer in friendships. What is wrong with the world?

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  • Are you sure it is just you being skinny now? I mean, I could get one person being weird around you after you lost weight but it seems like everyone is suddenly treating you different. Don't get me wrong, I think it you pulled off an incredible feat and you should be proud of the accomplishment. Maybe people are jealous and you come across as thinking that you are superior because of the weight loss. I don't know, maybe talk to a few people and find out what is bothering them?

  • This sounds like it could be a movie.

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