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It's been 2 years since I married my husband. We had been in a relationship for around 6 years. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. So I basically had this question in my mind to ask him on why he decided to make me his wife. So this afternoon grabbed all the courage I could because I was lil scared of what he will think if I ask him that. So while we were eating lunch I asked him that question. He right away answered that he felt very comfortable with me than anyone even more than his best friend and I understands him. And at last he said me this which made me love him even more. He said "You boobs! You boobs is what I saw first from you. Your boobs was like a magnet which made me attract to you like an iron filling. I still love your boobs." I feel extremely proud now as he was honest enough to tell me the truth. He has always been honest with me. He never keeps a password lock on his cellphone and I don't even touch his phone unless a call comes when he's not around. Even if he's having a problem with anyone or work issues he comes to me and tells everything. After saying his problems to me he says, "I feel you like a mother to whom I can say everything freely even if it's happy or sad." I love him so much and I'm damn sure that losing him can make my mind go unstable beyond the limits. And also I am happy to say that a new family member is on the way. He will join us after like 2-3 months. Love you all! :D

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  • aww...wish I could find someone who would make me feel that way

  • he likes your body, and your companionship. Seems like a keeper, to me

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