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I've been sleeping with this guy for a few weeks now. And just when things are starting to get more serious than just casual hookups, I found out that he has a girlfriend of 7 years. I could easily stop seeing him but he's started telling me that he loves me and though I'm not feeling the same way, I've started to get attached to him. Could he really mean it when he says he loves me?

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  • Of course he means it. It is just that he is the kind of guy who loves someone and then shows that by "conveniently forgetting" he has a girlfriend and also lying to said girlfriend. The question is not "does he love me" cause he does. The question is "do I want to be in a relationship with this guy". I am going to go with "no" but it is your life :)

  • Hahahahaha. No he doesn't love you. He doesn't love his gf either. That is why he cheats and bangs transitory hookups. He loves himself. He thinks you are stupid and wants more sex. -30yo M opinion here

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