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In another country Far from my girlfriend, and I have been really faithful, for about six months plus now, no sex with anyone, cos I don't want to, have had a girl basically almost trying to seduce me in my room... But now... sometimes some stuff here on confesster makes me want to be adventurous. I have only had sex with my girlfriend, although I once slept over in a close friend (female's) house and eventually kissed and made her moan with my tongue down her pussy, I could have had sex with her but I stopped. That was 2 year ago, I just told my girlfriend in detail this year and she didn't seem too furious cos well (I think thats why) I had previously forgiven her having sex with her ex, my friend. I forgave her cos I believed she didn't know what she wanted then, Its quite a complex relationship we've, she shows she love me and I love her but well now... sometimes I wonder what she's up to. Dunno if I should just let go, have some fun or...? just wanna hear what yall think, am a guy.

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  • Just talk to her about it, dude. Take that smartphone in your hand and call /text /email /Fb /snapchat /whatever. If you'll be away for much longer, it's not an unreasonable question.

  • you know it's wrong and it is.

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