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My sweetheart thinks I'm a natural "demoness" in bed. Truth is that when I was a wild teen from a poor family without enough money to keep up my crazy lifestyle of caring for my loved ones and taking the pain away with endless partying, I secretly became a high-class escort (prostitute) and learned a lot from my friends and clients in the sex industry as well as getting paid well and having as much sex and drugs as I wanted. I stopped all that a few years ago, cleaned up from drugs and now basically all grown up. Got my dream-job as a psychiatrist in a mental institution, a nice flat I paid for myself, a sweetheart for 2 years now and a rescued pitbull called Denise to boot. Just goes to show that no matter how screwed up life gets, you can always make a change and become who you want to be with enough determination and willpower. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, not your lover, not your mother and certainly not society. The keys are in your hands, all you have to do is push and twist hard enough at the door to your future and have the balls to step through.

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  • That is a beautiful turn around and I am sure though your pain you have helped others find a better path!

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