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i confessed to my friends that im a lesbian and after that day, i realized they are not my true friends because they dont talk to me anymore but when i confessed to my mother, she accepted me for who i am and what i am <3 i love u mom

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  • Mines was the opposite. my mom stopped talking to be once I told her I'm into females and I live with my girlfriend. That was 9 months ago, she still doesn't talk to me. My friends are still here for me

  • Thats so cool... U know i confessed to my friends that i am lesbian, they were all shocked and even told me to think clearly before saying, some even said maybe i was just mistaking about my sex with this age. But they accepted it slowly and not even mention about it always, when they know i have gf and they really like my gf too. About my mom, once she read my msg with my girl she fainted. Until now she still confuse me, like she still think that im straight and that lesbian is some kind of illness. I just can't- i dont even know what to do now,

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