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I'd like to visit my dad in the United States but I'm afraid of racism. I'm latin-american and have no intention of staying in the US. I'm just afraid of racism.

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  • I am from the south. so racism is still very evident here. while Im not racist and disagree with those are, I believe you should go and see your dad! never let something as small as what people u don't even know get in the way of things you want to do.

  • We are 25% latino. What racism? What do you think will happen? You will come in, you will apply for jobs and get them, you will go to stores and buy things, people will say hi to you. If you think you will be an outcast with rocks thrown at you then you watch to much NBC. I don't know what you hear from people but no one gives a shit. The ONLY thing that bothers people is when people refuse to even TRY to learn English or not use any english words when talking to English speakers, and your english is PERFECT. You have NOTHING to be afraid of.

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