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Never I really into a guy like this before. You're out of my league because you're smart, good looking, you have a band and you're a great guitarist, you have a good job, you have loads of friends, you're funny and spontaneous, damn you're very attractive. Me? I have nothing to offer. I'm not good at cooking, I don't play any music instruments, I'm not that smart, not pretty, small boobs, boring person. But I can't just give you up. I need to reach to your level. Instead of feeling intimidated, doing nothing but adoring you from afar, I'm gonna make sure I'm the worthy girl for you. I'm gonna win your heart. I'm gonna upgrade myself, being a better person, and of all that, I'm gonna be myself, but in a better version. I'm gonna make sure you'll never regret choosing me. (Not that you notice my presence but hey I'm gonna make you want me! By that means I'm gonna improve myself in every aspect!)

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  • do it for u.. not that selfish bastard.

  • Best wishes to you indeed. Be the best you you can be. Even if that guy doesn't notice the new you, someone else is bound to do so. Good luck OP!

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