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I been having an affair with a married woman over a year now. Wait there's more .... me & this woman have history together. She claims to want to be with me, but yet continues on in her marriage? I honestly do love her, but I don't feel I'm ready for a relationship. Plus she has a kid ...... I don't want kids either.

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  • Shame on the wife for being unfaithful. Shame on you for sleeping with a married woman. Shame on you for saying you love her, however, don't want any relationship with her and her kids. Shame on both of you, and I wish the husband the best in the divorce. I hope he wins EVERYTHING and I hope you get an infected toe, leading to an infected foot, and later leading to you losing a part of your leg. Shame.

  • You don't want her ... but you are upset that she don't leave her husband for you? You are a special kind of stupid.

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