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my step-dad touched me a while back. he raised me since i was a baby. we both told my mom about it and we all "agreed" that it was not sexual. well this happened when i was 13 I'm 17 now and it's been on my mind more and more and i do feel like it was sexual. father daughter moments don't consist of him looking at my underwear and rubbing my back. i just told my mom that this situation had been bothering me and she said since i have 6 other siblings that he showed no sign of a predator. no creepiness about my 2 sisters. but they're all older than me and were all out of the house. anyways so just now i told her what was on my mind and she asked if i was trying to hurt her or break up her marriage. she left my room saying she was hurt and speechless. then she came back and i felt like she "justified" what he did and said it wasn't sexual. basically i feel like i was told i was crazy and that i was lying. that i was wrong. and now I'm just hurt. and still have to live with both parents. thank God summer is 3 days away

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  • I would rub my daughters back. I do that all the time since she was an infant. I've done that with my son as well. Step dad makes it a little wierder though.

  • Well rubbing your back really isn't sexual... but if it bothers you that badly then your mother should be more understanding of that.

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