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my mom said sexual predators have a specific age group but i disagree. just because he didn't touch my sisters and didn't touch me at a younger age doesn't mean i wasn't attacked. and just because he didn't have sex with me doesn't mean i wasn't attacked. i don't want him to go to jail. i just wish she would have done something about it rather than justifying it. she basically said that my "dad" loves me and he wouldn't hurt me and hes just not a creep like that. so thanks mom for choosing someone who has made me really upset over your own daughters happiness

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  • She's probably in denial. If she won't help you get justice and this man put away for what he's done then ask another adult to help you. A school counselor, a friend's parent, anyone. If your mother isn't going to help you with it then you can help yourself.

  • Women are stupid when it comes to relationships. Stop waiting for mom and stab "daddy" in the throat

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