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I sometimes question who I really am, am I crazy, funny.... or am I just faking it for myself and others. I don't even no what to think of myself.

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  • Maybe what you feel is like what I feel... In my case, I didn't know which one is the real me, is it the one that laugh in front of my friends or the one that want to die or the one that naughty or etc. for now, I let it be. I think it is the best to just go at your pace and maybe slowly you will understand yourself... ugh... i can't say much tho

  • How old are you? I found that as I aged I became more comfortable with myself. it helps to surround yourself with good friends that are supportive of you being you and not having to worry how you can impress them. Be who you like being and enjoy yourself and your time and the people who stay with you will enjoy you too. Anyone who doesn't will be a harmless casualty of ex friendliness.

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