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Okay so, a few years ago when I was twelve years old (I'm a girl by the way), I did something I know I shouldn't have done. I began talking to these guys who most of them were about 14-17 years old online on different game sites including Smeet, Imvu, and teenchat.com. Most of these conversations advanced to video conversations and these conversations led to very sexual types of conversation. I exposed my body to several strangers and after learning about nude photos being taken by people who are underaged and learning about online sexual predators, I feel like I've been used like a tissue and tossed into a garbage can filled with frustration and fear. When I was twelve I also discovered pornography and after awhile became addicted to it. I wish I could get off it, but to this day I still struggle with it. It's like it's a piece of me that got installed during a surgery and now I fear that without it...I don't what will happen. I don't get why I keep holding on to something I know is wrong.

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  • idk how young i was when i found porn but i cant live without it even though iam married 14! i have chated online before and sent pic and video at first after i would masterbat i felt the same as u. then i stopped finding just anyone to talk to and started looking for friends after alot of losers and guys i did not connect with i found 2 that r great guys we talk about everything from our marriages to sex. ( long story, my marriage is not good the past 6 months at least 1 day if not 5 in a week iam told everything from shut up u stupid bitch, I to i don't love u but cant live without u, all r friends laugh at u and think ur a joke........ and so on. Dont judge me for talking to other guys for over 18 yeasr together i never even hugged a guy or thought i would b doing what iam but being punched full force in the eye when ur not even looking, and nothing like that has ever happened before, when it happened it was around 17.5 years together, really changes ur thoughts, live, heart, and for me my morals! i don't condone what iam doing and would never advise anyone to follow my mistakes and as soon as I can set myself up to live on my own for the first time ever i plan to leave even though iam terrified i know i will b happier) now if and when i send pic and video i never show my face or any markings that would b recognized as me between that and many hrs of talking and as much trust as u can allow with someone online i feel alot better about it and i can chat, send and b happy!

  • I'm twelve and masturbate and watch porno I try to stop but i just can't

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