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Is it alot to lose 40 lbs? Im at 16 yo male (15 when I started) and was 270 at my heaviest. I didnt look like it however (very broad shoulders and tall) now I am down to 225, but It doesn't feel like ive done anything. I still have roughly 40-45 pounds before I am in my ideal weight and Im just getting so restless. People say there is a major difference, but I don't see it. (I feel much better physically though) Sometimes my weight loss just plateaus and stops for a few weeks and its very frustrating. I just want to be able to take my shirt off in public and be sexually attractive instead of "cute".

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  • Congratulations! And don't worry, no matter how you look, you are sexually attractive to somebody somewhere

  • Holy shit! 270 at 16!?! Your parents should be in prison!

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