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The German system gives everybody who doesn't work free housing and a good salary. I think they should force them to work for it, like walk elderly people, clean parks and streets, secure crosswalks, ... My parents have worked hard their whole life and will be forced to sell their home when they retire. It's not fair

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  • Germany's social welfare is one of the worse in Europe. 1€ Jobs, humiliating situations in front of the employment agency which force the unemployed person to do everything. People there apparently enjoy humiliating other people.

  • They ARE FORCED TO WORKED. There are 1€ jobs the've to do, whoch is humiliating in my eyes. They HAVE TO apply for jobs. If they act against these laws does not get any salary. By the way: It's fuckin' low what they get. Get your facts straight. This is really making me angry!

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