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Sometimes I wish I was a superhero and could fly to china and kill all that people at once who torture and slaughter dogs for meat. Especially at events like this disgusting dogmeat festivals in yunin and so on. What a bunch of creepy and obnoxious monsters, I can't call them human beings. If anyone is sceptical about my motives, please go google for dogmeat+festival+yunin... But be prepared to enter the gates of hell. You won't forget what you'll see, I'll promise.

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  • i eat dog :/ but i did feel guilty though

  • Who told me animals were meant to be eaten? The Bible did. You believe in God? God said he put animals here for us to eat. Like I said, it's sad that some people eat dogs, but it's not sad to them, just like it's not sad to me when I eat chicken. It's just their culture. Animals aren't holy, or else people would be the ones being eaten.

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