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I live in germany, my parents came from a foreign country. After working hard for many, many years and paying a lot of taxes they granted the german citizenship. They also worked on integrating themselves and later the whole family into lifestyle and culture of their new motherland. So I am born here and I feel min. half german as well. Now it's fifty years later and there are much more foreigners living here than ever since. From all parts of the world, especially from eastern parts. I am sure not a racist at all, but I feel more and more disturbed about a lot of this new quality of immigrants. There are so many people who just came here for welfare. While germans have something like one or two children, many immigrants have five to ten. And all get welfare, health care and much more. Yesterday I heard a group laughing their as off about the dump germans who can be tricked easy for money. And how easy it is to f*ck german women while all of them are sluts. This is a kind of exemplary for the problems this country is facing nowadays. And it's getting worse every day. I'm getting more and more angry about this and it's not individual case. Please don't misunderstand me, there are of course lots of smart immigrants, too, but here I just wanted to speak about the others. It's not easy to discuss about this in public, especially because germany is still in trouble and feels partitially gulilty about their nazi history. I think it's okay to live wherever you want on this planet, as long as you are a respectful and brave person. I couldn't go somewhere else, beg for money, do nothing or being a criminal and disrespect the culture of my host country. I know that a lot of people came from countries, where living is hard and the first world maybe caused the trouble they have. But still it's not an option to bite the hand that's feeding you. My opinion... thx for reading

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  • While Europe Slept. it is not just Germany. Europe is overrun by muslims.

  • We have the same issue here in US. My heritage is from Austria and I would so enjoy to see how it is there. Would have to relearn all the German I have forgotten but it would be worth it,

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