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getting great grades and doing great at school and everything but what do I get in return? nothing. my parents don't even appreciate it and treat me like shit. tomorrow is going to be one full month after my birthday and both my parents got me nothing. my younger brother is excused because he's seven. my sister just gave me an envelope today with a card ONE MONTH after my birthday. do you know how depressing it is for me that my friends got me gifts and my family didn't? and I'm not just needy ok I don't need gifts. I don't really care. but a gift shows a person you do care right? it shows them you remembered or you spent some effort. but guess what I get? nothing. and my sister lies about not having money when days after we go to the mall and she spends the biggest amount I've ever seen her spend. I'm begging for a phone because my old one broke, which was a phone to keep me quiet for a while. can you just please hand me an award so I can give it to the best family ever? I hate everything.

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  • I'm sorry you feel this way. I can only say that many parents never meant to be parents or never wanted to or did not / do not know about good parenting.

  • I know how you feel. I went through my whole schooling, even college, got a Master's degree and my family never had a congratulatory word for me. My brother spent 10 years in jail and when he was getting out my mom was planning a trip for him. He never did anything with his life but steal, do drugs, and spend most of his time in jail, yet he was being compensated. I kept waiting for the day that my parents would recognize my efforts. You know? It never came. I no longer expect anything from them but now I do not live in disappointment. Whatever you do, do it for you. Don't expect anything from your family. They will never change. You will be disappointed if you wait for them to change. I hope this helps you.

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