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I do my best to clean my vagina but it smells bad and there is white stuff between the folds. What can I do? I need help! PLEASE

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  • You should see a doctor. For future reference, while you do need to keep it clean down there, the vagina is mostly a self-cleaning thing. If you clean it too much yourself, it gets rid of all of the natural bacteria that keep it clean.

  • i agree yeast infection is a big possibility, but i also believe that u can clean too much and cause issues! u want to clean enough so u don't have a dirty pussy, but not so much that u kinda start to dry out we r supposed to b a little damp! i have a friend who uses vaginal wipes every time shr uses the bathroom and every month, if shes lucky every 2 has to c the dr for yeast infection and i know for a fact she is not a dirty person just a little too clean!

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