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Lately I have had a hard time takling to people. And not like, small-talk, hard time. Everytime I'm alone with someone else, I can't seem to talk to that person. It dosen't matter who it is I'm takling to. It Can be my crush, my Best friend, just a good friend, or maybe a stranger. It just gets to awkward silence after a few sentences. And I'm always afraid when I talk to new people, like, at parties or something. And it has been getting worse lately (even though my crush is really sweet and helps me a bit) and I took some tests, and talked with a friend whom has anxiety, (not quite sure which form of anxiety) and I Think that I might have some social anxiety... I thought that maybe you guys Could help. I dont know How, though, but you guys seem to have a lot of knowledge about this stuff. Thank you

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  • I had problems speaking to people because of anxiety. it went away when i started smoking weed :D

  • Same here. I wish i'd have a solution :(. Hope you get over it

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