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I really don't get this whole cuckolding thing that is so in right now. I was at an anime convention for a cosplay contest and a guy invited me back to his room to bang his gf. I thought he was joking he was serious. Of course I declined. Now I see this shit everywhere. People aren't scared of being cheated on they are turned on by it. WTF! I could never do such a thing with my wife. I value her. Is this the ultimate expression of being a beta male? And why the black and white dynamic all the time, does the race humiliate you more? What possible childhood trauma could cause such a sexual dysfunction? What is marriage to you people?

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  • if u have been with someone over half ur life and slowly drift apart mainly sexually, not the opposite race or humiliation so much but the being watched while cheating actually starts to sound hot, and if everyone is in agreement with the situation its not cheating its actually swinging if u ask me! also if either part in a relationship is wanting or thinking about this the other might consider trying it because with open trust and honesty there is a way way lower chance there will b actual cheating! a relationship is way more the sex and attention, yes they r very important but not everyone ur attached to would make a good partner. if ur secure in ur other facites of ur relationship and let the other enjoy nothing more that something new and attractive every so often it actually would help in many ways and honestly for me and those who have ever had any thoughts close to this would probably agree actually would take allot of anger, distrust, resentment, abd temptation out of a relationship and make u stronger as a couple! with one huge exception both have to agree on the extra person, conditions of agreement, and give and feel nothing but full trust in each other! anyone who wants to disagreed is either closed minded or hiding deep dirty wants! not saying its for everyone or every relationship or even that it works and does not backfire sometimes but communication can make a world of difference! my marriage of many many years is looking very close to an end sadly but after so long together and so much love and history we both want to c this through if we can get back to any kinda common ground and start to rebuild and trust again we are going to seriously talk about an open marriage! if i would have opened my mind earlier and let others in our bed i know for a fact my life and marriage would b different but because i could not think of such things (or thought them but felt wrong, embarrassed, shy or whatever) this is where it got me! there r 2 main things that split a marriage apart as i c it, money and sex! if u can be fully happy without lots of money and or work ur hardest to cover what u need u still argue over it probably because ur sexually frustrated at the sametime if u open up to what u never thought about or did but won't admit to it there is an unbelievable thought that u can b as happy as u were in the first few months after almost 20 years! the thought is very exciting after 1 sex partner in so long that any thoughts i thought were wrong or too upsetting to think about are changing and i honestly feel if i can just get over what we look at as not right as a society and let go for just a few hrs a month really the rest i know will work out we love each other so much that a little spice will go a very very long way!

  • You're so right, it's just disgusting. And it's absolutely okay to stay with conservative values. I love my wife and I never would do things that will hurt her. This whole oversexed internet and media driven shit is unbelievable to me.

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