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im a lesbian and my mom is always talking about how she doesnt condone lesbians sex and relationships. she says she will dissown any of her kids if they tured out gay and she doesn't no i have a girlfriend..i have always tried to go out with guys but i would never be happy..what should i do?

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  • my mother and my girlfriend's parents took it badly at first, but after a week or so they calmed down. now my girlfriend libes with me and my mother and her get along great. give it time.

  • i am a mother and my daughter is a lesbian.. i never had a problem with them at all .. but when my kid came out and told me i was devasted.. all my dreams of having this "perfect family" just came crashing down.. i spent 3 days crying as if my child had died.. i remember having such pain that i wanted to die... then on the third day my baby sat on my bed by my side.. and asked me "mom dont you want me to be happy??" and thats all it took.. i then was crying and asked her to forgive me for my selfishness. . all a mom wants is for their child to be happy.. she will be upset but i believe she will get over it.. good luck hun

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