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please anyone help me understand something!? i have been asked by at least 2 guys i have talked to in chat rooms in the past few months and have been asked if my pussy smells a little bit !?wft?! Because they like it like that!?! this is something i have never been asked and iam 35 and i have only been with less than a hand full of guys but still this is new to me! so girls have u ever been asked this? guy especially what do u think and can u help me understand both why u would like that and to the best u can where the line is between good/bad smell? (obviously u don't wanna smell like fish or have white shit crusted on ur lips! iam looking for less obvious answers please) any help or advice would b greatly appreciated many thanks from the girl who finally started playing the field and having a blast i never knew was possible at 34 instead of 20 lol

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  • As a 43yr man I can tell you that there is always a slight fragrance not a pungent smell. I believe there are men that like the stronger smell just as much as there are men that love their women to be completely unshaven. Please beware there are also some assholes out there that just want to ridicule you by asking rude, insensitive questions like that. The only men that should be asking is the one you are with and if he's a good man he'll love you and everything about you no matter how you are.

  • There should be a smell. On a chat, all you get is the words, so you need to be descriptive in order for anything to stick.

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