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I wish I was like some of my friends, full of confidence and positivity. I just lost my job and I have a month to get another before I'm kicked out of my apartment, lose my vehicle and everything I own. I will have nowhere to live. All my positive friends say that everything is going to be ok at and I'll get a job right away like they have before but I'm a realist and a negative person. I don't know how to be positive like they are. I'm really scared that in going to be homeless in a month. The worst part is that I'm also a procrastinator. I'm my own worst ENEMY.

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  • I am a pessimist and I was in your exact situation in march. I did get kicked out my flat but I'm now back at my parents. iam on my way to a career now and I have found someone I think has potential to be 'the one'. I know you can see things getting better but if you are a realist then you're know that life is full of ups and downs. so it can't be down forever. 😊

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