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Where to start? So I have a FWB. He is livng with his partner. We have been on and off for nearly a year. We have been messaging non stop recently (when we are on that's what we do) we have started opening up to each other about our pasts. Things we tell no one! On tuesday we slept together it was intense, passionate, slow. He told me yesterday he had felt a real emotional connection between us. As always we spent all day back n forth back n forth. We were both out separately last night. As always I sent him a picture of me in my outfit. He told me how amazing I looked. Before I went out he told me to remember it's only him I want to sleep with. This is unusual for him. He loves the thought of sharing me. He sent me a pic and I'd seeb one on a social networking site. I asked why he seemed so unhappy. He at first said it was because he was at a murder mystery night he was a police man he had to be sad. He then said " I want you simple as xx " I replied saying I love hearing that! I want you too! He thwn replied with " I want you!! Now. Always xx" today he did the usual I was drunk!! What am I supposed to take from that??

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  • You should walk away if this is what you feel. :) And if you are not inlove.

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