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People often tell me how good my life is. I have been able to travel a lot and experience things that not many teenagers can say they've done. I have a father who supports everything myself and my siblings do, he loves us unconditionally and would do anything for us. He has a really good job and is able to provide us with everything we want and need. Doesn't sound too bad does it? What people don't understand is how lonely my life actually is. My family is broken because of failed marriages and this has caused us to live in different countries. In order for my dad to pay the bills, make sure we go to good schools and ensure that we have a 'good life', it means he has to sacrifice the time he gets to spend with us. I appreciate everything he does but I hardly get to see any of them. The traveling and materialistic objects don't make the emptiness go away.

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  • Seven Billion people. It seems we are all lonely, perpetually seeking someone who loves, understands, or even listens.

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