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To all these people here which "never even kissed"... I would love to find a girlfriend which had not sex with over 10 guys and where I always feel like the next "stroke on the list". They can't even remember the names of the guys they slept with. But I never meet girls which don't have experience. And I don't want to be like these people, so I try to act in another way. It's hurtfull to be the emotional part.

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  • I bet you`d wish for a virgin whore :)) You know..you`d be the first for her, but somehow she`ll manage to channel her inner sex goddess. Guys like you are usually insecure about their own sexual performance so they`d rather go for an unexperienced girl because she`ll have no one to compare them with. One ex of mine actually tried to make me write a list with all the guys I`ve ever slept with. I laughed and then I dumped his sorry ass. Listen to that...list of people I slept with... :))

  • I am afraid that when I will get with a boy he will dumb me because I lack of any experience thank you for changing that

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