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Since 2000, my life went down the tubes: my father died, i've had an operation in a foreign country when i was 12, i've been diagnosed with an incurable disease, i've been bullied in school for 2 years, never found real friends, got rejected by girls, never had a serious relationship and i have some kind of trust issues. my family only knows about the disease and operation and i've never told anyone about this confession. i'm 22 now, have a great job and somehow managed to live a simple and good life. the one thing, which would make my life complete, is a woman at my side, who loves and respects me. thank you confesster!

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  • I am very similar to you, I feel like were the same. Thanks for the confession now that I know that theres someone like me. Im 21 btw. Wish you all the best - anonymous

  • thank you two :)

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