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I have a really serious eaing disorder, I have been suffering from boh anorexia and bulemia. At the momen I can not stop eating, I have gained over 30 ponds in jus a few months. My career as a performer is now seriously damaged. I can not date anyone cause my body makes me sick and does no really attrac anyone. Yet I can not stop.

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  • I suffered from both for 17 years. The only thing that got me past it is that I realized I was very unhappy with my life. Once I started to do things I liked, I wouldn't think about not eating or going to the gym 2x a day. Honestly talking to friends about it never worked. In those 17 years I have only told 3 friends and it backfired bad.

  • I've been there. What helped me were my friends, talk to someone about what's going on, sometimes our "bad habbits" get out of control and regardless of our age we need someone to tell us what's the right thing to do at the given moment. I've had it for the last 2 years, and actually it's getting better last couple of months, I've managed to gain some weight. Good luck :)

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