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I'm in a relationship with a married man, maybe look like a shallow relationship because we're never meet each other, we only talk on FB or by phone, although we've through this relationship almost for 4 years. But I love him so much, and he love me too. He is living separated with his wife, but they are still have good marriage. He has strong sexually desire. We usually meet on web cam, and do masturbation together. He never want to touch me, because he has deep love for me, and he know once we meet, I will break me even more, and he will addicted to having sex with me. He always tell me to find another guy, and once told me what will happen if we're together. I feel bad about our relationship, but i won't end it. I haven't meet a decent guy like him, he have good behavior and manner, he always motivate me and tell me if I'm wrong. But he will easily get mad if I ignore him, or haven't talk to him, maybe it's his bad side. But I'm still can't get away from him.

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  • Proper english, please

  • A "decent" guy that cheats on his wife. He's not so decent, is he?

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