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I have started to lose my friends one by one. Some due to distance and others due to the fact that I suddenly saw that they made me unhappy. One friend I had known since we were babies and even found out we're distantly related (5th cousins). But she cannot function without drama. It's so bad that she starts fights with her boyfriends just so she can have something to do. Once, someone told her (after a huge online fight on Facebook with her boyfriend) that they shouldn't be a couple if they were both so miserable. Her reply? "I'd rather be miserable with him, than make another person have to deal with him." What kind of F***ED up logic is that? The other friend I "dumped" was a girl who was so insecure with herself (a morbidly obese girl) that she made fun of fat and skinny people. She'd tell skinny people to "eat a sandwich" and she would practically yell, "man, that guy is fat!" for the opposite. She then would keep talking about going to the gym on Facebook and then would eat out 5 nights a week. My other friends are much more sane and live in various parts of the country. I want new friends but I have no idea where to start after spending the last 24 years with those people.

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  • I know how much it sucks and how lonely and hard it can be, I'm in the same boat. I believe the people we choose to have in our lives are a direct reflection of ourselves and our character, I don't keep people that lie, cheat, steal, are malicious, etc. in my life, if I feel someone is doing something very wrong I do not associate with that person, not just because I am against it but also because it would be unfair to that person as I would look down on them for those choices. I'm 30 now and even though I really only have 2 (what I consider to be) REAL friends, plus my mom, I am happy for them and how close I feel to them but I get incredibly lonely because I hardly get to see them, so I've been looking on online sites.

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