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When I was 9 I took a trip to India, all was good until I witnessed an old (possibly disabled) man get run over by a truck. He was still alive with his guts on the road and his body was severed. No one helped and I felt helpless. This is the day that I started going insane and I still see the old man everyday at random times of the day.

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  • If seeing him is the only thing making you feel 'insane', you're probably not. You're just trying to make sense of what happened, and unfortunately you probably never will- because it doesn't make sense. I know it probably seems impossible, but you have to accept that he was just unlucky. With all the careless drivers out there, terrible situations like this are inevitable. Count your lucky stars that it wasn't you, and be all the more cautious when you drive, so you don't do this to someone else. Happy travels from here on out :)

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