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I never wish to be in a relationship. I never have been and I do not wish to ever be. Why does this bother some people so much? Most think that it is just a phase, but they are in for a really long phase. Why can't people just realize that I think differently about relationships than them. To some people relationship is like bread and water, it is necessary for their survival. They feel like they need it, they cannot imagine being "alone" their entire life, without someone to be in love with, without a girlfriend or a wife. But for me? Relationship is just a luxury, like a necklace or an earring; it is there because you like it, and you want to have it, but it is not necessary for you to have it, you can live without it. That is what a relationship is to me, a luxury I can have but do not need or want. Does this sound like a PHASE to you?

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  • Why do people need to be in relationships? How does it affect your life if the person isn't in a relationship? People being single can be happy. We have family and friends to talk to, we can get pets or adopt if we decide to but still remain single. A relationship isn't necessary. We don't need to depend on others for happiness because happiness can be found just about everywhere. It all depends on how one looks at it.

  • There is nothing wrong with being single.

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