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I must confess I miss my ex.we were together for 2yrs. at one point in our relationship we were "perfect" together, we completed ourselves although we didn't share the same interests or activities. At that time I worked and she studied. I wanted to marry her but she didn't know it. Then...something went horribly wrong...jealousy on both sides started to grow and lies too. then I learned that she cheated on me with her ex bf... and she left me. all the efforts made to build a strong relationship was just gone. I don't blame her for doing this, It's her free will. she did destroy a part of me. 3years later I am still single because I cannot trust any woman anymore. but why do I keep thinking about her...why ? help me please.

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  • from a personal perspective i know how you feel. being cheated on by your loved one is one of the most dis honest things you can possibly do to some one. clearly she wasnt a good person at heart for her to do such a things. if some one truly loves you especially after 2 years and they just go cheat on you, their not mentally capable to even deserve a relationship with some one behind a friend level. those kinda of people like your ex will end up at a point in life where she might need you a lot or shes just a self absorbed, selfish cunt that only wants to look out for her self. if she can do this shit whats stopping you from having fun in your life as well. you never know who you might meet, for all you know you could have a fetish for cheap hookers and wouldnt even know it. you have to find your self, your inner emotions that bring out the quality of life you think you deserve.

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