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I get really upset when I think about death and what comes afterwards. When I was younger I literally started crying when thinking about it. feel like there's no mission in life because in the end you're going to die anyway. And after put in to the coffin and underground is there anything at all? I don't ever want to die because of this fear of being in darkness for the eternity. But at the same time I'm feeling suicidal and have no passion for life.

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  • Dying is just another phase of life. We go onto another plane of existence and may even return here again. Death is not something you should fear.

  • Don't worry about what happens after death. You are ALIVE right now, you are breathing, that's the important thing. Nobody knows when it stops. Maybe I'll die today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe in 70 years. But we shouldn't care about that, because what matters is what you do with your life NOW. Use your time, care about people who care about you, don't waste your life on complaining, be thankful for every single second that you have here! Yes, we all gonna die, but before it happens, we can do something amazing. And I'm not talking that you have to cure cancer or whatever. If during your lifetime you'll make at least one person happy, then that's something most beautiful. That is our mission. Be a good person, help others, do something that matters. Smile to yourself and to others!

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