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I get really upset when I think about death and what comes afterwards. When I was younger I literally started crying when thinking about it. feel like there's no mission in life because in the end you're going to die anyway. And after put in to the coffin and underground is there anything at all? I don't ever want to die because of this fear of being in darkness for the eternity. But at the same time I'm feeling suicidal and have no passion for life.

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  • Oh also, I struggle with the same feelings. It's intelligence to question. But also I have died a couple times. Documented. First of all I felt nothing. Second I saw things that are in accordance with what religions say happens. I could see family members like they were alive. I saw the tunnel and light. I saw a choir of angels who were real people in perfect adoration of a great light. None of this for me makes me any more happy or willing to die. Especially as I feel I have much more to do here. I keep trying everything to find a reason to exist. Life is a silly fickle thing. Oh and eternity is a man made concept. Time is relative to the conditions of the observer. When nothing is changing there is no time. Urgency doesn't exist. Meditating and sleeping are examples of what that's like. That's the worst case scenario. Before you were born you were dead. You were fine then. You will be always fine. Focus on others rather than yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Be kind to yourself with your thoughts. Practice by being kind to anything else and imagine treating yourself that way. I hope this helps.

  • There's a saying that we die as we live. If you live in fear then you will die in fear. Live in confidence that whatever happens it has happened and you will be ok when the time comes just like trillions of other humans and animals before you. You will be ok. Live joyfully to be alive and greet the end of that with a passion and love for life. If you don't believe yet try faking that passion. You'll feel different I bet. Practice feeling joy every day. Is it being foolish? I think the results are the answer.

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