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I just saw a documentary about A. Hitler. I got really caught in and looked him up in Wikipedia. He had a really sad life to be honest, according to Wiki he was never noticed when he was young and he even had an artist's soul. He'd paint for living, but in the end turned out to be a cruel murderer. I think it's all because of his sad childhood. I'm a 19 y/o woman

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  • Although I don't agree with the choices he made, I also pity Hitler's sad childhood, and think that he did extremely well with the opportunities he was given in life.

  • In 1933, Daily Express published a headline about Jews declaring war on Germany and boycotting german economy waaaaay before Hitler even thought about war. Zionist Jews massacred German citizens in Poland. And 58.000 german citizens in the Danzig corridor, thus prompting Hitler`s invasion of Poland. WW2 was started by Jews in order to create the State of Israel. Those damned jews, with their damned banks.. I wish Hitler would have done a better job.

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